Date: 12/18/2020
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Kalimpong
Trainer: Roshni Rai
Participants: 19

Today Ashim Khawas and Roshni Rai, both certified Ecobricks trainers from GEA (Global Ecobricks Alliance ) conducted 5hrs Ecobrick Starter Workshop in Kamal Jyoti School, East Main Road, Kalimpong.

Twenty people participated on it. First one hour was a presentation on “Plastic, the Biosphere and Ecobricks”.

After the presentation, all the participants cut the segregated plastics and made the ecobricks on 200ml bottles.

All the participants opened their account on the website of Global Ecobrick Alliance and logged in their ecobricks.

After which, all the participants were presented with their Ecobrickers certificates. Later, they were also shown how to make the module with the Ecobricks made by them.

For conducting this workshop, we were given the hall of Kamal Jyoti School free of cost, for which we are very grateful to the school managing committee.

We are very grateful to
Mr. Deepak Biswakarma for providing us the sound system free of cost.

We are very grateful to Mr. Yogesh chettri & Family for sponsoring us the evening tea and biscuits.

We will be conducting such workshops in future as well, which will ultimately help us to keep our biosphere free from plastics.

Venue was Kamal Jyoti School, who dis not charge us anything.

More seniors were there, hence it was very interactive session

Everyone finished making one exobrick each and every one’s eecobrick was logged

People wanted to leave early, hence it was difficult to do the workshop in a smooth way.

We should clearly instruct them to come dor 5hrs.


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