Date: 12/06/2020
Type: Online Ecobrick Course
Location: Online
Trainer: Ani Himawati
Participants: 32

The workshop was a success in term of number participants: everyone was registering through gobrik app and also that the participants were not coming from ecobrick community. About 90% participants were students, age early 20ish.

It was mostly beginner, even many of them never saw or heard about ecobrick. It was interesting to know how few people (students) who wanted to know about ecobrick could influenced their friends who had no ideas about ecobrick. Only 6 out of 32 participants knew and started making ecobrick.

It was truly fresh introduction of ecobricks, slides was presented fully, step by step, until guidance of making best ecobrick, then question and answer. Most participants were not ready to make, however few people could show their try and from them we learned in detail about making and standard of ecobrick. ~ the technical assistance is still on going process through whatsapp.

It’s prepared for about one and half month: with listing program on gobrik. The preparation for participants was done only two days before workshop: assisting them what to prepare. And as it was not meant to be make ecobrick during a session, we prepared for whatsapp group – to discuss and assist until people could make one.

Presentation used was the latest one. All examples and ecobricks making equipments were prepared.

The duration was 2 hours: 15 mins.
It was late about 10 mins.

10 mins: prep and intro
50 mins: presentation
40 mins: showing how to make ecobricks – already including discussion and checking people’s ecobricks
10 mins: sharing video: application
About 15 mins: sharing discussing

Good connection with young people and people who are not in the circle – all new/fresh networks

Facilitating and assisting after workshop: through whatsapp group. Only half participants are active. People are not yet having enough plastics.

Still not that easy to get participants — I feel that this was more luck factor 🙂 that few ini students could get their friends to also join.

Earlier sharing information about what to prepare is important. Especially how much plastic needs to prepare, a small bottle, and stick.

However this is tricky as the registration is closed until last minute.

Need to do a strategic marketing of the workshop program. Maybe its good idea to make a collaborative program to universities/lectures, to get more students and young people more interested to join.


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