Date: 11/28/2020
Type: GEA Webinar
Location: Online
Trainer: Ani Himawati
Participants: 36

It was a great opportunity to talk in A Leadership Training Program organized by Indonesia Sosial Justice Network. Participants were young people, selected through competitive process, from across Indonesia, who have been already doing something with community from different backgrounds and fields. It was really good chance to talk about plastic, about the danger of plastic, about ecobrick as a plastic transition solution, and especially about the GEA as a people and global movements, the principles, the methods and its vision. Besides some concepts, approach, and values there were relative new and that’s becoming a refreshing session during the Inspiring Leaders Talk, especially for youth and new organizations and projects.

The preparation took about two weeks, to understand the concept of program and session, the participants, communication with the organizer and for myself to prepare the presentation and structure of the talk.

It was 1 hour session. 5 mins intro from the organizer. 35 mins story sharing and a bit presentation (5 slides and 1 short video) and 20 mins questions and answer. It was pretty smooth and lively.

1. For some participants it was a surprising session to have me talking about ecobrick, as they already know and even make ecobricks. That was like a random sampling for GEA knowing how many people know about ecobrick in the random and general forum.
2. They said that it was the first time they heard about plastic, the journey of plastic and how its connected with something way more complicated in the global and political scope.
3. People were expressed how they were impressed and glad to hear about some principles and values of the movement – including about non capital movement
4. I could share more about by story in dealing with plastic daily, in practical way, and that made many participants curious about ecobrick.
5. Some participants joined my next starter workshop – inspired by my talk.

It’s pretty smooth and almost no challenge: both technical and content. It was such a success session.

I only felt that I could have shared more videos: mora about ecobricks in action. That’d be wonderful,

Preparing more videos: Ecobricks in Actions. To make them understand and more interested 🙂


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