Date: 11/29/2020
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Pedong, Kalimpong, West Bengal, India
Trainer: Roshni Rai
Participants: 21

There were twenty one, new ecobrickers and eighteen were trained ecobrickers.

For the new ecobrickers Ms. Roshni Rai did the presentation on ‘Plastic Biosphere & Ecobricks’ as a part of her training for becoming the GEA (Global Ecobrick alliance) trainer.

37 (thirty seven) ecobricks were made in 200ml bottles and 3kgs (approx) of plastics from were saved from going into the biosphere.

Plastics were brought by the participants. Venue was my own residence. Projector was rented for the presentation.

It was very interactive session. Plus Ashim Khawas filled me in between.

People shared that they had never given much thought on plastic and presentation was eye opener for them.

There was scarcity of plastics during the practical session.

People listen carefully because we are dealing with plastic pollution.


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