Date: 10/17/2020
Type: Trainer Praticum Starter Workshop
Location: Kandern, Baden-Würrtemberg
Trainer: Paula Aluap
Participants: 2

Saturday, October 17th in Kandern, Germany.
two Participants, that had already a wide knowledge of plastic and consumption.

Presentation with the laptop,
own collected bottles and plastic to offer more resources

The participants were totally entusiastic about the idea and highly motivated to start their eco brick journey.

technical with my laptop and the presentation

The next time i will give some reflexion question for the hands-on-part e.g. When you are cutting the plastic, do you remember when you bought it? or what you made of it? Delicous meal? Or where the plastic have been before? Which ways of transportation did this plastic were gone through to end in your hands?
-> with the questions i want to bring the focus back to the inner reflexion.
In my workshop my participants shared openly their own ambition to do a brick in rush and the pressure to finish it quickly…when i offered them those questions they could find a new access to the cutting and packing beyond the focus of finishing it and being rapidly productive.


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