Date: 08/23/2020
Type: Online Ecobrick Course
Location: Kediri
Trainer: Alexander Setiaji
Participants: 14

The online workshop on plastic, environment and ecobrick was don eon Sun, Aug 23, 2020 from 13.30 – 16.15 Western Indenesia Time. It’s done through google meet

There are about 12 participants joined online (all from Yogyakarta) and 3 joined off-line in Kediri, East Java.

The workshop has been prepared since two weeks before and participants already gathered enough used plastic which mostly also already being cut into small pieces. The session started with the presentation and discussion on plastic, impact of plastic, environment and commitment to preserve the environment by reducing plastic use and making ecobrick. then we learnt how to make ecobrick with direct practice about 1 hour and finally we learnt how to sign up into GOBRIK and log ecobrick.

Some participants already had commitment to arrange another workshop for different audiences.

Since two weeks ago all participants already informed on what are needed: the used plastic, stick, scissor, permanent marker, digital scale etc. Mostly gathered the plastic from domestic / household use.

Two friends in Yogya helped in getting participants and setting up the workshop at google meet. in Kediri (250 kms from Yogya) where I stay and give the workshop, I have prepared all material (ppt, samples of ecobrick, etc). I also invite three friends to joined the workshop off-line.

13.30-13.45: Opening prayer by mbak Vita; short introduction of trainer & participants
13.45-14.27: Presentation and discussion on plastic, impact of plastic, environment and commitment to save mother earth.
14.30-15.30: Making ecobrick
15.30-16.00: Sign up into GOBRIK and log ecobrick
16.00-16.15: Q&A; Closing.

participants were understood clearly on the harm of plastic toxic when given real example that they knew in daily life; the making of ecobrick also quite fast since all equipment and plastics already prepared well.
there was an IT expert among the participants helping with the IT issues, especially in signing up into GOBRIK and logging ecobrick

sometimes connection is bad.

an effective online (and off-line) workshop required co-trainer to help in fixing problems, answering questions etc.


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