Date: 08/11/2020
Location: Online
Trainer: Russell Maier
Participants: 6

In this webinar we got an update from Lizzy who is working on an very exciting earth and ecobrick round house. Unfortunately, the project has hit problems with the projects neighbours challenging the zoning regulations. They’ve been banned from the land and had to stop work. We’re all rooting for her and hope that the controversy is resolved. Regardless, it is an important reminder that ecobricks and earth building are fundamentally different than conventional building. As we move forward with more earth and ecobrick building, our role of communicators and educators is just as important.

In the second half of the webinar we covered however our new concept of ‘Plastic Sequestration’ and how this fits into the story of plastic. We went into the site’s new resources on putting plastic on millennial path and how authenticated ecobrick sequestration flows into the new concept of Plastic Offsetting. We discussed how the GEA is preparing to launch Authenticated Ecobrick Plastic Offset sales.


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