Date: 05/26/2020
Type: Trainer Praticum Starter Workshop
Location: Tauranga, Bay of Plenty
Trainer: Trisha Joe
Participants: 4

It went really well- very enthusiastic(4) children ( ages twins 6, 8 and 10 ) and mother was very encouraging. The oldest boy Arlo knew alot about plastic and I was happy to hear about what he’d been learning at school and think this is a great time and age for them to be discovering Ecobricks.

Collected plastic from around the house, bedrooms and the pantry and fridge. They were quite amazed at how much plastic was in the house.

was easy to talk to them as they were very responsive and interested in the concept and also working together as a family.

It was interesting watching them all take turns to either put some plastic in the bottle, cut up the plastic and push the plastic down. No fighting or competition but loads of collaboration and sharing.

none really

This was very encouraging as it was the first workshop I have done with children. In future I would like to focus on that as they are aware and conscientious.


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