Date: 02/27/2020
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: San Jose Coron Palawan
Trainer: Camille Bayot
Participants: 47

Training was conducted to the students and some faculty members of San Jose Elementary school in Coron Palawan. They’ve been doing Ecobrick but as part of the Environmental outreach of Club Paradise Palawan, they tapped Ecobrick to conduct the starter workshop so they student’s have a deeper idea of the Ecobricking concept

10 days prior, I reached the teacher as asked them to prepare for the materials needed. On the other hand our team, also prepared to bring cleannbottles, plastic and scissors would the need arise

Creation of the Ecobrick. During the workshop, I was able to see that the kids takes into consideration the quality (weight, density) of their finished products

Explaining the science behind plastic to. students who ate not so well versed in english. Concept has to be further explain in Tagalog and giving analogical examples

Should reasearch more on better ways to express the concept in tagalog or better term or examples to use for ease in understanding


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