Date: 03/18/2020
Type: Earth Building Starter Workshop
Location: Ubud, Bali
Trainer: Russell Maier
Participants: 20

A great day of earth and ecobrick building with our friends at UBUD RAW Chocolate Factory! This amazing company not only makes incredible raw chocolate, but they have been ecobricking their plastic for the last year and a half in order to put it to good use.

This weekend, Rolf Gibbs gave almost all the staff the time to learn mandalic Earth Building! Together we used local clay, straw and sand to build their new bathroom’s wall and secure 250 ecobricks (50Kg of plastic!). The company’s logo is a mandala and their company color is sky blue. So… we used a dozen Bombay Gin bottles to craft a mandala window for their wall. It was a super fun day with Ani Himawati, Pradja Gede our GEA Earth Building trainer who joined from Singaraja, and of course with the Ubud Raw team. I got to try some new techniques, and I am really happy with the way it turned out!

Ubud Raw is a participant of our Global Ecobrick Alliance (GEA) Company Catalyst Program, and this Earth and Ecobrick workshop was part of it.



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