Date: 10/22/2019
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Puerto Pollensa
Trainer: Viviana Perino
Participants: 8

Fantastic workshop at N1 Language school. The pupils are learning English and were doing a module on the environment. All but one of the participants completed their ecobrick. This is so far my most successful workshop. The group was totally on board, their teacher’s commitment is superb and they are all carrying on ecobricking.

I provided a glossary of some keywords from the GEA presentation a week in advance so the language teacher could go through it with the class, as English is not the children’s first language. The children were told to bring plastic and empty bottles from their homes. The school has a computer and a data projector.

The workshop was done in 3 sessions during their English lesson time. In the first session we did the presentation and Q/A.
In the second session we started making ecobricks, which they then took home to complete. In the third session we logged the ecobricks and validated other ones, and built a module with 7 ecobricks.

The enthusiasm of the class was tangible throughout but the highlight would be to see them understanding they are making a difference to improve their environment. Since the workshop the group organised a beach clean and completed more ecobricks.


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