Date: 06/13/2019
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Loughborough
Trainer: Viviana Perino
Participants: 20

The workshop was successful. We completed several ecobricks during the workshop and the group continued to make more in their own time. We used all the ecobrick made in our school project.

I printed some posters (happy/sad ecobrick, what goes in/GEA vision) to leave on the classroom walls. I revamped the presentation. I prepared some of the plastic beforehand.

This workshop was done in the school where I work as a French teacher. We had 3 separate sessions of 1 hr each, in the first one we did the ppt presentation, a demonstration of ecobricks, and modules. Two days later we started filling ecobricks, and the class (Y6) carried on in the spare time to fill in bottles. In the last session we logged in the completed ecobricks, under my account or their form teacher’s, as the children were too young to have their own. I showed how the validation process works.

We then used the ecobricks to build with cobs in our earthbench school project.

We run out of plastic! Which is a good thing though.

Handout less amount of plastic to young children so that they don’t drop too many pieces on the floor. They picked them up eventually but they would be more careful if they had less at any one time to work for.


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