Date: 06/25/2019
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Norfolk
Trainer: Tina McGrane
Participants: 190

St Mary’s is a small rural primary school in North Norfolk.
As part of the schools Science week, themed ‘Plastic Fantastic ?!’ a whole day for learning about ecobricks was scheduled.
I was able to present the plastic & the environment PowerPoint to Ks1 (4-7year old) and Ks2 (8-11year old) seperate, so Ks2 and I could have an actual discussion.
Both Key Stages had their teachers with them who paid attention too and were keen to ask deeper questions.
I demonstrated to both key stages how to brick properly.
Students then got to work in their classrooms for the rest of the day.

The science coordinator was super organised and had all staff collecting plastic and both parents and staff helped collect 500ml bottles.
I met twice with her to go through practical details so the day went really smooth and both students and staff got a lot out of it.

I could not have asked for better support and commitment from the teachers.
It was really interesting to help in the diffrent classrooms and observe the diffrent teaching styles.

190 children worked together and by the end of the day we had 66 very happy bricks.
Those not finished have since come in and are being loged as and when I find time.
Two staff have mentioned how they will adopt ecobricks into their plastic reducing routines in their homes.

It would have helped to do the PowerPoint presentation just to the staff beforehand, but just a whole day committed to ecobricks was an amazing opportunity as it was!

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