Date: 07/10/2019
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Norfolk
Trainer: Tina McGrane
Participants: 15

I was privileged to meet Mr Willer, who has created an utopian dream at this rural secondary school.
the Allotment Project teaches students and the community how to grow food.
I got to share my ecobrick knowlege with staff and students over several lunch time sessions and one whole day at the end term.
Mr Willers vision for the bricks is to built one wall of the outdoor classroom with them and cob.

I only had half hour sessions with diffrent students each week.
I brought a set of matching bottles to show and teach over those sessions with. All those bricks were happy in the end and will hopefully be used in the wall. I brought tools and plastic each week.

Students and community members also made bricks at home, not all of those were happy or completed in the end, but plastic awareness was raised for sure!

Three very committed students working in the heat all day with me to finish the project of as good as possible.

We were outdoors, so the wind not always help, sometimes even rain.
And not having been able to give a n actual half hour presentation to all involved meant a lot of poor bricks.
Each session was only 30 minutes, not much to get actual bricking done

No practical work without presentation beforehand again!

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