Date: 06/18/2019
Type: Trainer Praticum Starter Workshop
Location: Pagak, Malang – East Java
Trainer: Santi S
Participants: 31

The workshop was held at SMAN 1 Pagak, Malang (East Java) on June 18, 2019. It started from 08.15 until 12.30 pm and was participated by 31 students (grade 10 and 11) and teachers.

Prior to the workshop, a list of things to be provided by the participants such as used clean and dry plastics, a 40 cm stick that can go through the water bottle opening and a 600ml plastic bottle, was sent to the school principal via email.
The principal was also informed to provide a room that could accomodate all participants, LCD projector, a microphone and sound system.
The facilitator prepared the slide presentation and included the school logo in the cover slide. Things the facilitator brought into the workshop were 6 extra sticks, a sample of ecobrick, permanent markers and a kitchen scale.

Since the workshop was held at school, the vice principal opened the workshop with welcoming remarks. Then, the facilitator began the session with an introduction and explanation of the workshop objectives. To break the ice among the participants and the facilitator, an icebreaker activity was conducted. Following the icebreaker was the slide presentation, question and answer session, demonstration of how to make an ecobrick to the participants. While the participants were making their ecobrick, the facilitator circulated around the room and gave assistance to the participants as needed. The participants made an ecobrick in groups, signed up and practiced logging their ecobricks on gobrik. As a wrap-up activity, the participants were asked to conclude what they had learned from the workshop.

Participants’ enthusiasm was high. At the beginning, the participants were all excited to make their own ecobrick, however, as the facilitator saw the amount of plastics collected was not that much, it was then decided that an ecobrick was made in groups. All groups were so competitive to make the most solid ecobrick.

The amount of collected plastics was not much to be shared among all of the participants. Dirty or unwashed plastics were still found, and as a result, they had to spend time to clean and wash the dirty plastics and dried them before stuffing them into the bottle.

I should have a better time management especially when running a forum discussion about the theory part and allow more time spent for the participants to make their ecobrick.

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