The Power of Visioning

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Imagine the most beautiful place you have ever experienced.  Now imagine this place merging with your community.  Visioning is the powerful process of making real a new reality through our imagination.  Visioning is the first and essential step in shifting from pollution to solution.

When we put a vision in writing for all to see once, twice, thrice and more, this new reality comes clearer and closer.  Try it for yourself— let your imagination loose and write your vision for your community on your Ecobricks.   As you pack your brick, you will find yourself thinking more and more about your vision!   And soon it will be real around you.

“What is your vision for the environment of your

– Write your vision directly on your EcoBrick

Ecobricks are a labourious, monotonous and time consuming activity.  Its the perfect time to reflect and imagine!  While packing their EcoBrick students will have valuable time to reflect on your question.  To save paper, answers can be written on their EcoBrick as with their vision.

Guide students in their visioning through reflection on environmental issues.  The questions below are a great place to start.   Each week they can be challenged with a new question.

Have students date, sign and tape over their visions/answers.  Ecobricks will last for a long time.  They will become time capsules to be discovered by our descendants decades and centuries from now.  This will encourage students to think long-term about their responsibility and legacy.

Featured bottle

  • Where do all the plastics come from?
  • Who is responsible for the left-over plastic from the products we buy?
  • Where would this plastic go if it weren’t going in the bottle?
  • Where would it go after that– 10 years from now? 100 years from now?
  • Who and what is affected by this plastic in the long-term?
  • Where will this brick be in 10 years?  100 years?
  • What alternatives do we have to using plastic?
  • How do plastics fit into the circle of life (the ecology of your community’s environment)?
  • Why are we making Ecobricks?
  • How do my choices affect my environment, and people today and tomorrow?


Examples of student visions from the Northern Philippines:

 “I envision that my grand children will see and enjoy the wonderful nature that I see and enjoy.”
– A Betwangan NHS Student

 “My vision is for the environment to be free of dirt, thereby making all the people in the community safer and happier”
-Paracelis NHS

“My prayer is that the next generation will see and enjoy our natural resources and help in preventing climate change that causes global warming and super typhoons.”
-A Betwangan NHS Student 

“I envision everything put in its proper place and my community living in harmony with the ecologies around us”



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