2014-02-26 15.30.31Small PET plastic bottles also make Ecobricks!  Here we are adding small C2 bottles to  a bench in Balili.   We have learned from experience that is it essential not to limit Ecobricking to one type of bottle.  As Ecobricking takes off in a community plastic bottles are quickly used up in brick production.

In our early pilots, we emphasized only the ecobricking of 1.5L soda bottles– which teachers later observed lead to an increase in soda consumtion in the community as the supply of bottles was reduced.  Kids had the excuse ‘Mum, I need some Coke so I can finish my project!”.  Ack!  Our mistake!  :-S

Avoiding this is simple.    Encourage all available plastic bottles indiscriminately to be used for Ecobricking.  This has now bypassed the problem, as there is yet a large surplus of plastic bottles  (net holding volume) to pastic waste (net compressed volume).  If anyone wants to do a master thesis, traking these two variables as Ecobricks unfold in a community would be super duper helpful and interesting!