Introducing Ecobricks - A Solution to Pollution!

We are stoked to release a super simple animation on the essentials of Ecobricking. As always, keeping it super simple ain’t so easy. Intrepid animator Elena Molchanova has been hard at work – not packing ecobricks in Trinidad and Tobago, but crafting this informative delight. This will be an indespensible tool for ecobrick evangelists and teachers around the world. For those just hearing about Ecobricks in this era of micro-attention-media-madness, having the essentials of our twenty page guide (twenty whole pages!) condensed into 90 seconds is a massive feat of visual engineering. Check it out and share. Let’s get the zero-waste virus to spread. Just imagine the plastic being kept out of the land, air and sea as more folks join the trash transformation movement.

Oh… and this is just the start! Be sure to subscribe to our new Ecobrick YouTube channel here. We have two more animations coming down the pipe!