Hindra ecobricked 351 g of acetate filters to make his number 87th ecobrick. Based in the community of Bank Sampah Tanjungpinang Kepri they are working hard to keep plastic out of the local biosphere in Indonesia.

Hindra Atmaja has
logged the first properly packed Cigbrick made with over 7000 acetate filters!

Mas Hindra (S.Kom, CODS, CODP, SBs CHt, CI ) is a GEA Indonesia, Ecobrick Trainer who is passionately sharing ecobricking in his region of Tanjung Pinang, Kepulauan Riau.  He has been working closely with the GEA development team to prototype a whole new category of ecobrick.  Ecobrickers around the world have been adding cigarette butts to their ecobricks for years– realizing that the acetate of the filter is toxic when it enters the environment.  Hindra however, helped us take this process to a whole new level.  By removing the paper from over 6000 cigarette butts, packing only these into an ecobrick and logging his completed ecobrick on the GoBrik platform he is the first to finalize what are now calling ‘The Cigbrick‘.

Mas Hindra makes Cigbricks during his work placement on a large ship in the South China Sea where he works for several weeks a every month.  According to Hindra, most of the 153 members of the crew are smokers.  After making normal ecobricks for several months, he saw that cigbrick is so doable and relevant to introduce on his ship where there is no means to properly dispose of cigarette butts.

Mas Hindra gives an example how to make a Cigbrck in simple, practical steps. On the ship he has prepared a container with instructions for smokers to remove the paper and tobacco before disposal. And that works!  He has collected almost 30,000 filters over the last two months.  What he’s doing attracts more attention from his colleagues to help him out and to try ecobricking themselves.

Mas Hindra has gone on to pack tens of thousands more cigarette filters into Cigbricks.

You can read more on the new page setup to feature the Cigbrick, its concept, context and technique.

The ecobrick has a density of 0.39g/ml and is permanently marked with Serial Number 34651 that can be looked up anytime to get the full details on this ecobrick. The ecobrick was logged on 04/13/2019.

“Cigbrick to the rescue! Over six thousand cigarette filters secured!”


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