imageWhere does the trash of Sabangan go?  It used to be that there was no place but the adjacent Chico river to dump or burn it.  However, the community and households of Lagan, Sabanagan have taken a stand through the leadership of their youth.  Hundreds of kilos of plastics other non-biodegradeables, that would otherwise be contaminating the ecosystems of the Chico River, have instead been transformed into Ecobricks by students and their families.  Councilor Ernesto Bondad has been supporting the
Ecobricking  of Lagan Elementary.

With their ecobricks he has created a new tourist and local destination.  There, thousands of bottles have been used to build a hiker restop, a community picnic destination, and conference center that has been garnering attention far and wide for its pioneering showcase of alternative building mehtods.  Sabangan National Highschool has also completed their Ecobrick Herbarium, while Pingad Elementary has also begun Ecobrick constructions.