STMP8707Don Alvaro’s Hacienda Merida lodge is a gold mine– of Ecobricks!  Over the last two days we’ve been exchanging innovations.  I am super impressed by the system he has developed that has cultivated a micro-economy in the community of Merida for plastics.  Likewise I have been sharing with him some of the innovations of the team.  Alvaro has a massive stockpile of several thousand Ecobricks at the hotel.  I am so excited!

While in Canada various ideas have been brewing in my mind to create yet more ways to combine ecobricks.  Alvaro has given me full reign of the bottles, tools and supplies at the hotel to experiment.  His staff (all of which are ecobrickers) have been eager to help out.  Yesterday, several guys helped me out as I made some prototype Ecobrick modular benches.  Alvaro called together all his guides and staff and in the evening I was able to tell them what a fantastic job they are doing and share our ecobrick story from the Northern Philippines.  We all left inspired.