Introducing the EarthWand

Make your Plastic Magically Disapear

The EarthWand, is a simple, yet super practical ecobricking tool. Developed over three years of ecobricking and prototyping, it is made entirely from organic resources by Gumi Bamboo in Lombok, Indonesia. The 45cm shaft comes with a story tag and a hanging ring (from coconut fiber). Proceeds from the sale go direct to support the work of the Global Ecobrick Alliance. Sale transactions, and the usage of these funds are fully trackable on the GEA Open Books accounting system. The consumption of an EarthWand subsumes more plastic and CO2 than its creation and are fully tracked (see below). The EarthWand is a symbol of the ayyew and regenerative principles which inspire the global plastic transition movement.

More Than A Product
The earthWand is much more than a simple product…
•It is a way for ecobrickers to support their Trainer, the GEA, Regenerative Makers
and the Ecobricking movement.
•It is a highly refined tool for packing plastic.
•It represents a highly intentional positive impact to the biosphere.

Plastic Can Become Poison

Through sun and water exposure, plastic breaks down into environmental toxins and microplastics.  Packing it into an ecobrick secures it from poisoning the biosphere. 

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The Consumption Connection

Is there a connection between the pollution of the planet and of our bodies?  We explore this question and more in our VEB resources.

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