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All our content is 100% free, open source, with zero corporate or business sponsorship. We offer our work to world… and we offer you the opportunity to contribute your good energy to the making of our work.


The Global Ecobrick Alliance is the not-for-profit, Earth Enterprise behind and GoBrik. We’re here to support the conceptual and technical infrastructure behind the global ecobrick movement. We’re proudly determined to keep all our resources free and accessible to help people around the world join the transition from plastic. and all our awesome resources are completely manifested through material and financial collaboration.  We operate under 100% transparency.  Our BrikCoin chain of transactions, our balance and that or all our users can be seen here.  Our financial fiat revenue and expenses will be visible on our new inhouse accounting system (launching August 2018).  And our operational plan is available for anyone to see.

Has some of our work help you? Would you like to contribute to the removal of plastic from the biosphere? Do you share our vision of household, communities and companies transitioning from plastic?  We would be grateful for your good energy, encouragement and cash to help us make our resources even more awesome and accessible.

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One time donations are most welcome.  Please keep in mind we only receive personal donations from real people.  Corporations and businesses, you can enlist our training services, but no donations. Paypal Donations:


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We keep our server and sofware running through a base of dozens of monthly donations of 3.14$ from our supporters.  Register for a πPatron Account below:     [ms-membership-signup]

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Why Ecobrick?

Ecobricks keep plastic and C02 out of the biosphere.  Ecobricks raise plastic and ecological consciousness.  And more!  You'll be amazed at the power of this low-technology.  See the full list.

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Join the trash transformation heroes around the world ecobricking their plastic.  The end to pollution is in sight!  If we are all zero waste, there won’t be any more plastic left to pollute.