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We’re always keen to hear from ecobrickers around the world!  If you have a question that would be of general interest to other Ecobrickers, please post it on our Support Forum.  This way others can benefit from your question and the answer.

Please use one of the three contact forms below for General, Training and Translation enquiries.  Please note, we’re not an NGO, a business, or a company. There’s no call center standing by to reply to messages, just our team of committed ecobrickers.  For this reason, our team only responds to enquiries from folks who have been ecobricking.  To assure a response to your message, please send a long a photo of one of your ecobricks.  This will also be very helpful for us to answer your questions.

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Our network of certified Ecobrick trainers are on hand to help you and your community, school, city, or organization started ecobricking.  See our Trainings page for full details and documents.  Contact us to reserve a training, or for more information:

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Interested in getting Ecobricks going in your region, language, or community?  Need some of our top-notch illustrations and graphics related to plastic?  Contact our team and we can set you up with the source files to translate and contextualize Vision Ecobricks for your place in the world!

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The Junk Food Connection

Is there a connection between the pollution of the planet and of our bodies?.

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An Introduction to Bottle Building

For a comprehensive introduction to the the theory and techniques of bottle building, download our free, open source construction guide.

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