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silver foil  


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15/12/2018 11:18 am  

Hi , just wondered is it  ok to put silver foil from sweet wrappers etc in the bricks ? thanks lyn 🙂 

 Kimberly Mak
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08/01/2019 5:16 pm  


It is not clear what sort of sweet wrappers you mean, so I will provide a few examples.

If it is pure foil, it should stay scrunched when you scrunch it - think of the wrappers for golden chocolate coins, the inner wrapper for some chocolate bars in cardboard or paper - these are similar to domestic aluminium foil, and can and should be recycled. In some places (like the UK) you will need to have accumulated enough foil so when scrunched it is about the size of a fist or a tennis ball in order for it not to fall through the gaps in the sorting machinery and can be recycled effectively.

If it is metallicised plastic, it will "bounce back" when scrunched. Many chocolate bars and individually-wrapped chocolates in selection boxes are wrapped in this sort of material, and although it is shiny and looks like metal, it is really mostly plastic. These can definitely go into your ecobrick after they have been cleaned, as it is almost impossible (or not economical) to recycle these.

In the UK, the coloured wrappers from Quality Street (by Nestle) are actually biodegradable and can be composted with garden waste, despite looking and feeling like plastic! The foil wrappers in Quality Street should still go into the aluminium recycling stream as above.

Metal should not be put into ecobricks because they are easily and commonly recycled, and recycling these not only helps conserves natural resources, but also reduces the energy expenditure and carbon emissions from the mining industry.

Metal items can also sometimes have sharp edges, causing a rupture in the walls of your ecobrick and making it dangerous to handle.

Hope that helps!

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Ecobricks UK Admin Team


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