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03/08/2018 10:07 am  

My name is Jade. I started my own non profit called Oceano Reddentes which means the ocean revives. I plan on building a community structure with a house attached in an informal settlement in South Africa. There is concern from many people about building with the eco bricks and safety ( fire hazard, leaching chemicals and   durability). Do you perhaps know of any studies that I can look at that have been done or do you perhaps have any advice for me? I am thinking of building using the eco bricks as fillers in the walls ( not weight baring) and using clay to cover.  As this will be my first project I want to make sure it is safe and successful. Kind regards Jade

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14/12/2018 3:51 am  

Hi there Jade,

Yes, we have several studies and reports you can look at:

A review of ecobrick constructions six years on in the Philippines: 

A study on the gas release of ecobricks and other construction materials:

Our page on Ecobrick Fire Safety:

Hope that helps!





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