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How to become a member  


Joined: 6 months ago
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12/12/2018 9:56 am  

Dear Ecobrick family,

Myself and a few volunteers would like to become part of the Ecobrick family.

We are not only interested in becoming permanent members but we also want to start an exchange station in JHB.

Please can you provide feedback on how to register as a member and where we can start with the exchange station .

Kind regards


Member Admin
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08/01/2019 3:13 am  

Hi there Bianca,

Sorry for the delay replying!  Our team has been taking it easy over the holidays and... well, super busy!

That said, the first place to start to join the ecobrick movement is in your own home with your own plastic.  Start packing away!  🙂

Next, you're welcome to signup for an account on our platform here:

Then, if you want to go to the next level, we suggest you check out our courses:

There you can join our online trainer program and our network and community of trainers!

Trainers can then join our core team and help us out on the local, national, and global level.

Hope that helps,



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