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How can I promote a...

How can I promote and encourage people to build bricks?  


 Sharshi Gee
(@Sharshi Gee)
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06/10/2018 11:27 pm  
Hi, I want to spread the word and encourage people to save their plastic packaging, build bricks and for them to know I am here to accept bricks! I also want to spread awareness and provoke thought of how much plastic we are unnecessarily using! Also, can you please tell me what the recommendation for density when I validate bricks for others? Thanks

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14/01/2019 11:54 am  

Dear Sharshi

Thank you for your message and passion for ecobricking! The best way to promote and encourage others is to simply set the example in your own life! When people see that you are doing your best to reduce your plastic consumption and ecobricking all the plastic that you can't avoid, they will hopefully be inspired to do the same. 

I would not recommend that you offer to become a drop-off point for ecobricks because unless people are making bricks for a specific community project, there is a good chance that they will not be made properly (up to the minimum density, with 100% clean plastic etc.).

It would be great if you could rather think of a project that you and your community could start - for example building a bench / raised vegetable garden in your local park or a school. That way everyone would be working towards a specific goal and doing their best to ensure they make their bricks properly. 

Please remember to create a community on so that you can log all of your completed bricks. This will also allow other members of your community to log their bricks and enable you to keep track of the progress of your project. 

With regards to the weight of the bricks, 0.33g/ml is the minimum density so a 600ml bottle for example needs to weigh at least 200g.

We look forward to seeing what you do with your bricks, happy packing!



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