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How can I find the ...

How can I find the serial number of an Ecobrik I've already logged?  


 Matthew Green
(@Matthew Green)
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23/12/2018 6:01 pm  


I recently logged my first Ecobrick, but as I was filling out the online form I realised I did not have a permanent marker pen to write the Serial Number on it. Now I have such a pen, is there any way I can retrieve the Serial Number from the GoBrick database?

Many thanks in advance
Matthew Green

Joined: 50 years ago
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11/01/2019 1:00 pm  

Hi Matthew 

You can find all your ecobricks under your menu tab, click on 'My ecobricks' to see what you have logged so far and to edit your bricks. If the logging was successful, you will be able to find your serial number there.



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