Introducing the GEA Catalyst Program

For Keen-Green Companies

We live in a truly exciting moment of transition. All around us communities and companies are realizing that we can do way better than the old modes of consumption and production. The old model of ‘green’ business meant ‘minimizing our footprint’. However, with the world trampled in footprints, it’s now time to transition to impacts that restore, regenerate and re-green.

The Global Ecobrick Alliance Plastic Transition Program enables just this shift. By enabling an unprecedented collaboration between companies and communities we can solve plastic, locally and globally through bold new regenerative principles, indicators and practices.

We’ve developed cutting-edge community collaborative software that allows you to not only track your plastic consumption and production, but to track the amount of plastic that is offset by your company’s community catalyzation initiatives.

Our software is now live and being field tested by partners.  See our profile of Ubud Raw Chocolate who are piloting the program.  We’re hard at work refining the program.   Contact us using the form below and we can send you an advance copy of our of Catalyst Program white paper.

The Ecobrick Catalyst Program is designed to assist your
organization’s transition to regenerative principles and to
inspire. The program has three components:
1. Implement regenerative principles and regenerative vision.
2. Transitioning your processes, packaging and products.
3. Transitioning your net business impact on the biosphere.
Short Term Transition
• From excess plastic generation to zero Waste
• From cradle-to-grave design to Cradle-to-Cradle
• Discerning your Plastic Transition Ratio (PTR)
Long Term Transitioning
From there, we aim to put you on the long term path towards:
• From zero waste to negative waste
• FromCradle-to-cradleto Ayyew
• From a PTR below 1.0, to a PTR above 1.0


Catalyst Program Company Enquiries

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The Plastic Transition Ratio (PTR) allows individuals and companies track their progress transitioning from plastic to examples that are regenerative.


Ubud Raw Chocolate

Ubud Raw Chocolate is an example of how to the Catalyst Program works to not only help a company deal with their plastic but to dramatically enhance the company’s image for their community and customers.

Ubud Raw

“Chocolate is often seen as a guilty pleasure, both from a health standpoint, and also because of the miserable conditions of the workers at many third world cacao farms. Conversely, Ubud Raw chocolate is actually a healthy superfood, and our cacao is grown locally and organically by Balinese farmers who own their own land and set their own prices. And now, with our new collaboration with Ecobricks, we are also finally able to say that as a business, we will be taking more plastic out of the the biosphere than we are putting in. We want our customers to know that eating our excellent chocolate is a pleasure to enjoy without guilt. Proving that PURE pleasure is possible, without compromise.”

– Rolf Gibbs