Our Vision

We envision a Transition from Plastic in our Homes, Communities and Companies to an ever Greener Harmony with Earth’s Cycles.

Our Mission

To raise Ecological Consciousness through the spread of Ecobricking and the transformation of global plastic into local solutions.


Our work is dedicated to our Children, our Children’s Children… and the children of all species, for all time.

We’re an Earth Enterprise focused on solving plastic pollution through the dissemination of the low-tech, educational, open source ecobrick technology.  We envision a transition from plastic to ever greener harmony with Earth’s cycles.

About Us

Our network of 200+ certified GEA Trainers, share the belief that ‘the problem is always the solution’ and that taking responsibility for our plastic, securing and sequestering it, is fundamental to this shift. We make ecobricks in our homes, and share ecobricking in our communities. We’ve come together as the Global Ecobrick Alliance to develop and maintain the philosophical and technical infrastructure for the global and local ecobrick movements. As an Earth Enterprise our work, processes and finances are grounded in regenerative principles. As the movement spreads, as the manacles of consumption and capital crack, our ecobricks, our gardens, and our examples, are laying the foundation for the beautiful world we all know is possible.

A People Powered Movement
Plastic has come to connect us all.  The global ecobrick movement transcends borders, age and traditions.   The GEA is an Earth Enterprise.  We’re not affiliated, sponsored or owned by any corporations, government, NGOs or institutions.  We’re a 100% people-powered enterprise crafting the philosophical and technical infrastructure of the movement.  All our resources, from this site’s software, to our server, to our guide books and our movies, are the contributions of the alliance by resonant ecobrickers around the world.  We have no employees, offices, or equipment.  Our minimal server costs are covered by our base of individual contributors, enabling us to offer all our media free and open source.  This incredible base of pure passion enables us to seed grassroots action and viral-word-of-mouth-spread fast and far.  Through this site, our awesome resources, and our training seminars, we disseminate ecobricks locally and globally.
Earth Enterprise
An Earth Enterprise is built on the concept of an Earth Corporation and the not for profit (as opposed to a non-profit) concept by of the Post Growth Institute.  As an Earth Enterprise, the GEA operates on seven fundamental principles.  These principles ensure that our operation and our results are deeply in line with our vision and mission in both the short and long-term as laid out in our GEA EE Intention Map.


1. Right-Purpose

Plastic is one of the defining issues of our time which unites us across borders and traditions. Our work is focused on solving plastic pollution through the raising of ecological consciousness and prevention.  Our work is dedicated to our Children, our Children’s Children – and the children of all species, for all time.

2. Open Source

All the GEA official resources, our guide book, our illustrations, videos and content, are all available to the world, to be used by anyone and improved by anyone under the Creative Commons License:  Attribution (to Ecobricks.org), No Commission, Share-Alike.

3. Mandalic Orchestration

The operation of our enterprise, of our core team embody the principles of mandalic cooperation.  The GEA holds the centre space, the core intention, and principles of the unfolding mandala of the global ecobrick movement.

4. Platonic Emancipation

We involve and encourage attraction and passion based partnerships in our enterprise.  The enterprise recognizes and encourages gender balanced synergies.

5. Minimum Wage Plus & Defined Maximum Wage

We don’t currently have any employees.  However, in the future a wage bracket will be established to maintain a defined ratio from the highest to the lowest paid person in the organization.

6. Transparency & Open Books

All our financials, in particular the process and transactions surrounding BrikCoins will be 100% transparent.  A live feed of our full chain of transactions, that is human searchable and readable, is available on GoBrik. www.gobrik.com/#chain  We are working on this for our fiat transactions, expenses and revenue.

7. Not for Profit

No individuals or shareholders will profit from the operation of the enterprise.  At the end of the year, any profits or unspent funds will be reinvested back into the fulfilment of our mission and vision.

The GEA Alliance finds its roots in the Northern Philippines.  In 2012, Russell Maier stumbled on ecobricking in the town of Sabangan, Mt. Province as a way to transform his home plastic.  With the help of Irene Bakisan and Pi VIllaraza they began to refine the ecobricking methodology and pedagogy.  Together they developed the Vision Ecobrick Guide as a way to disseminate Ecobricks throughout the school system.  The open source guide book was instrumental in assisting the spread of ecobricks to thousands of schools.  The guide books, once online, became a rallying point for the global ecobrick community.  Allying with Ecobrick leaders across the continents, the importance of coordinating local movements globally was recognized.  The Global Ecobrick Alliance was thus formed in 2014 to share and develop best practices, new innovations, and the philosophical underpinnings of the movement.  To keep up with both the Filipino and global spread of Ecobricks we continue to develop Ecobricks.org as the go to location for the Vision Ecobrick resources.
The Core Team
We’re pretty busy, but feel free to drop us a line and connect.  Members of the ecobrick core team are available to consult on ecobricks applications and to lead Training of Trainer seminars around the world.  You can also see what we need help with and contribute your expertise here.

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The Consumption Connection

Is there a connection between the pollution of the planet and of our bodies?  We explore this question and more in our VEB resources.

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