Carbon Zero Building Award
The Earth & Ecobrick Roundhouse project in Bwyd Bendigedig Portmadog, by Incredible Edible's (GEA Trainer Lizzie Wynn, Wales, UK) is the third place finalist in the UK's Carbon Zero Efficient Building Awards.
October 28th, 2021 | GEA News
Inspired by Igorot Ancestral Wisdom
Sep 15th, 2021 | GEA Update Content
Ecobricking principles are inspired by the deep green ways and wisdom of the Igorots the indigenous people of Northern Luzon. Learn how their Ayyew ecological ethos inspires a modern movement
GEA 2020 Regen Report Released
Sept. 20, 2021 | GEA Center Circle
We've issued an exhaustive ecological impact accounting for the GEA's operations in the previous year. In 2020, we removed over 30,000 kg of carbon and 10,000 kg of plastic for the biosphere 🎉.

Offset Your Plastic
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Our plastic offsetting system allows you to take personal responsibility for your household or enterprise plastic generation... and energize the global plastic transition movement!
Welcome to Plastic Transition

Together we can keep our plastic out of the oceans. With ecobricks we can secure plastic to build our greenest visions and ignite regenerative transition.

All About Ecobricks
What is an Ecobrick? | How to Make? | Why Make?
An Earth Based Solution

Ecobricking follows the Earth's example of carbon sequestration. Based on indigenous wisdom, the science of plastic degradation and earthen ethics, ecobricking is a non-capital and zero-carbon alternative to industrial plastic management.

Plastic Sequestration
Ayyew Inspired | Circular by Design | Towards Transition | Regenerative
The Problem is the Solution.

Ecobricks make reusable building blocks ideal for building green spaces. Use them make modules, home furniture, play parks, and food-forest gardens. Using the problem, we can build the solution.

Building Applications
Earth & Ecobrick Building | E&B Methods | Milstein Modules | Dieleman Modules | Open Spaces | Fire Safety

Fast track your journey to zero-waste through plastic offsetting. Plastic offsets are directly correlated to authenticated ecobricked plastic through the Brikcoin manual blockchain.

Plastic Offsetting
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The Brikcoin manual blockchain enables the authentication, valuation and vitalization of ecobrikcing.
Offset your household or company plastic generation with us.