Nur hayati just ecobricked 131 g of plastic in Sleman, Indonesia. Nur used a 330ml bottle to pack 131 g of home plastic into a Normal Ecobrick. It is her number 4 ecobrick. Based in DIY Yogyakarta, her community , is working hard to keep plastic out of the biosphere in Indonesia.

The ecobrick has a density of 0.40g/ml and represents 0.41kg CO2 Kg of sequestered C02. The ecobrick is permanently marked with Serial Number 63683 and on 12/07/2019 was automatically added to the validation queue. You can check the ecobricks full information and authentication status at any time by looking it up on GoBrik.

“Kalau sampah plastik terurai berjuta-juta tahun lamanya tapi kalau cintaku ke kamu tidak akan pernah terurai sepanjang masa eaa:v”

Sign up and get going on GoBrik yourself! Together we can pack tons of plastic and build our greenest visions.

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