500 Kilograms of Ecobricks Packed So Far

Its been an amazing last few months in Jogja.  Since January, Ecobricks have spread like wild-fire from SLB Negeri 1 Bantul (special needs school) to every single neighbourhood in the city.  Since April, our team of 18 trainers went out to led over 500 workshops with Jogja Bank Sampah Groups.   Not only this, but we were able to launch a make-shift web app to track the progress.  Each of our trainers, after completing a workshop, use the app to log the ecobricks made by participants.  As of today, May 12th, 514.9kgs of plastic have been packed into ecobricks.  That’s 514.9kgs of plastic that is not going into the air, rivers, and fields in Jogja.  Hurray!