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ACHMAD NARJOES just ecobricked 260 g of plastic in Kawunganten Cilacap, Indonesia. ACHMAD NARJOES used a 600ml bottle to pack 260 g of home plastic to make their number 1 ecobrick. Based in the community of Ecobrick School SMP N 3 Kawunganten Cilacap they are working hard to keep plastic out of the local biosphere in Indonesia.

The ecobrick has a density of 0.43g/ml and is permanently marked with Serial Number 30676 that can be looked up anytime to get the full details on this ecobrick. The ecobrick was logged on 03/08/2019.

“Ecobricks ku ini kupersembahan untuk negeriku yang sekarang sedang mengalami darurat sampah. Dan akan ku terapkan di sekolahku. By Narjoes spentika alaska. Indonesia”

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