Why Make Ecobricks?

Save the Plastics
Plastics are made from petro-chemicals.   These chemicals don’t fit back into the ecologies around us.  Scientific studies show that these chemicals are toxic to humans— we know this when we smell plastics burning.  Over time, when these chemicals leach into the land, water and air, they are absorbed by plants and animals.  Eventually they reach us, causing birth defects, hormonal imbalances, and cancer.  Eventually, plastics that are littered, burned or dumped will degrade into these poisonous chemicals.  Even engineered dump sites are not a solution.  Whether it is ten years, or one hundred, these chemicals will eventually seep into the biosphere,  affecting our farms & families.

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Plastics don’t biodegrade, they photodegrade.  This means that plastics left for years in fields or water will slowly break into smaller and small pieces. Eventually these pieces are so small that they are absorbed by the plants, fishes and animals that we eat.

Scientists are starting to realize just how much plastic and other non-biodegradables are now in the ocean.   The rest of us are realizing this when we visit the beach.  Many disconcerting studies are showing the dire effect on marine animals and ecologies.

Scientists are also discovering the dire effects on the human body of the chemicals that compose plastic .  Chemicals like Biphenyl A and Phalates are now banned in certain products in America and Europe.  However, these chemical continue to be widely used in the Philippines and other Asian countries.  Even very small amounts of these chemicals have adverse effects on humans— from causing allergies, hormonal imbalances, to cancer and acute poisoning.  The young  are most susceptible.

Did you know, when plastics are burned the petrochemicals inside them combine to form dioxins?  Dioxins are worse poisons and contaminate both the air through fumes and the earth and water through ashes.


Save  the Plastics!

Plastics need to be either eliminated, or put in the right place.  Save plastics from a toxic destiny! PET bottles will last for 300-500 years if they are kept from sunlight.  Ecobricks enable us to turn the line of product to pollution into a circle.


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