Vision Ecobrick Guide 3.0 Launched!

v1 cover shot
Now available in Indonesian and English

We’re excited to release the third version of the Vision Ecobrick Guide in both English and Indonesia this week!  Originally launched four years ago in the Northern Philippines, the VEB Guide has come a long way.  This latest version has been revamped from top to bottom to help Ecobrickers around the world train others to ecobrick.  We’ve moved content around to address first and foremost the reasons “Why Ecobrick?”.

After hundreds of workshops and training sessions, we’ve realized that the once people are past The Big Illusions of Plastic, then they are most likely to continue ecobricking, and most importantly to change their consumption patterns.  The guide thus provides clear visuals for trainers to engage discussions on the Realities of Plastic:

  • Plastic is a symptom of a way of thinking
  • All plastic goes back into the environment eventually
  • Plastic is poison in the wrong place

And of course, the guide shows step by step how to ecobrick! The presentation then guides one down the path to ecobrick construction.

You can download your version of the guide today and share, print, project, copy, photocopy it all you want.  Enjoy!


Happy Earth Day! Indonesian and English Version 3.1 Released

Happy Earth Day! smallerWe’re not only excited for Earth Day, but also to release version 3.1 of the Vision Ecobrick Guide– in both English and Indonesian!

A big thanks to the team of strangers who joined together to translate the VEB Guide to Indonesian on our wiki!  Incredibly, this amazing organic translation unfolded over only a few weeks.  Our Indonesian release is still a Beta version– we are still missing a few pages and revisions, but… we’ve got something solid to start with!  Check it out here.  We will be revising it this week as we get feedback from our first schools– so hold off if you are planning to make lots of copies.

Cover Eng 31This new Engligh release smooths over typos, pagination issues, but best of all, includes powerful new illustrations by Jo Stodgel.  Jo, an avid Ecobricker and core member of the Ecobrick International Alliance, has vividly illustrated important concepts such as: cradle-to-cradle thinking, photodegradation, and the perils of burning plastic.  Also, included are fresh new character illustrations by Manila cartoonist El Tiburon Grande.

Check out Jo’s and Abe’s work and more in the new Vision Ecobrick Guide Version 3.1!