Version 1.0 Construction Guide is Released!

An introduction to the principles and techniques of bottle building

After lots of hard work by our team of translators, cartoonist, writers and photocopiers we are excited to release the revamped Ecobrick Construction Guide.  Not only is it updated with new material, but it is now available in Bahasa Indonesia.

Use Ecobricks to build your own awesome community green spaces.

The new guide introduces the various techniques for building with Ecobricks– from cob, to silicone, to cement.  The booklet also makes clear the main principles for holistic, earth friendly bottle building.  It’s designed to get you started in the right direction.

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Translation by Nurkinanti Laraskusuma.  New characters and cover by Fabianus Bayu.  Ecovillage Vision landscape by El Tiburon Grande.

MD Glass Bottles in Action

Wall, tower, foundation, success! This morning we excitedly made our way to Budi’s studio where our Maier-Dielman Glass bottle modules had dried. To our awe the modules fit together seamlessly– forming tight fitting bonds one to the other. First we built a giant tower… then we took it apart…. then we built a wall…. then we took that apart (because that’s the beauty of these modules!)… then we laid the foundation for our forthcoming hexagonal house. Yep. House… with another 2400 bottles on the way, we are planning a big barn-raising, module making day at the end of the month in Ubud.  You know how Amish folks get together for a day of full-out collaboration to raise a barn in a weekend?  Well, this will  be the post-modern equivalent!







Ecobricks Can Make Anything

You can make just about anything with Ecobricks– as seen here at our pilot school in Abiensmal, Bali, Indonesia.  But first, you have to turn them into modules!  After creating two thousand individual ecobricks, we used silicone sealant to connect the ecobricks into modules.  These modules can be arranged in all sorts of ways to make durable and tremendously practical indoor furniture. Modules can be used individually as seats or combined like LEGO to create tables, beds, benches and more.

This little movie has the potential to inspire teachers and students all over to embark on their own journey of trash-transformation.    It will be a big help as we move to share ecobricking with neighbouring Indonesian schools.

Learn more about Ecobrick module making >>

A big thanks to Ibu Manis and all the students of SMPN Abiensmal school for making the ecobricks, to Pak Noest and Pak Munir and his class for his help making the modules.  To  Nicolas Millet​ for filming and editing, Elena Molchanova​ for the intro and end animations, assistants Sadie Preval​ and  Kusumorini Susanto​.


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