“We Burn Plastic!”


When Ani and Carly asked the room of folks from the village of  Bangli, Bali, Indonesia what they normally do with their plastic wase, the room answered in a loud chorus.

There’s a reason we love doing Ecobrick trainings.  In villages like Bangli there simply wasn’t any other course of action to keeping the streets and community clean before our ecobrick presentation.  In addition, the folks gathered in the room, we’re  unaware of just how toxic the fumes and the fallout from burnt plastic can be.

Our Ecobrick training presentation focuses first and foremost on Why its so important to Ecobrick:  the lack of any deep solutions for plastic and how plastic is toxic when put in the wrong place.  Carly and Ani did an amazing job of engaging the crowd and inspiring them with the simple logic of ecobricks:  if you consume plastic eventually your plastic will contaminate the biosphere.

From there, making an Ecobrick with one’s plastic  is just the logical thing to do.carly in action

Grand Ecobrick Unveiling Jogja

_MG_3219BOOM!  Great news for the planet folks!  Twas an epic day in Jogja for Ecobricking that will now reverberate throughout Indonesia. Several hundred people, a dozen media, and various cities dignitaries joined us for the unveiling of 2500 ecobricks.  Our team of ecobrickers were on hand for a live demonstration of ecobrick modules.  In under 2 minutes the team manifested a stage for us.  Then another minute for a couch.  Then a table.  Then a 3M tall Jogjakarta “Tugu” tower landmark!

The live demo caught the audience by surprise.  They were perhaps expecting a lecture or powerpoint from Ani and I. Instead, they were wowed with a a coordinated 3D demo of our module tech in live-action.  Our 20 trainers swirled around the stage showing how our ecobrick modules fit together to make super cool things in minutes.  It was almost easy to forget that our stage, tables, chairs were being made from plastic “trash”.

These were the same trainers who had visited every neighbourhood unit in the city.  The event not only showcased a half ton of transformed plastic, it showed the power of a small group of people to profoundly impact their community.

_MG_2772It was a powerful, poignant and passionate demo.  It helped reinforce my main message– the key to solving plastic is not to judge it as “Trash” in the first place. Ecobricking isn’t a  “Waste Management strategy”.  We’re transcending waste all together.

The skeptical politician who had cut the ribbon and introduced the event was blown away.  He literally grabbed the mic from my hand mid-way through our presentation to announce that he was going to personally launch a city wide initiative support ecobricking in every neighbourhood.  He then happily posed for lots of pics afterwards.

_MG_3102Jogja is the first city in the world that I know of, to officially launch ecobricking as a coordinated municipal strategy to curb consumption.  What we unveiled today is now a model that can be replicated by other cities.  But most of all, its 547.2kg of plastic that has kept out of the biosphere.




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Jogja Grand Ecobrick Unveiling Press Release


On June 3rd, at the Taman Gajah Wong Educational Park, Umbulharjo Yogyakarta, 2385 ecobricks made of transformed plastic waste will be unveiled as modular seating, furniture and building blocks.  For the last two months, partners Russell and Ani have worked with the Yogya Environment Agency (YEA), and 405 Bank Sampah community groups to introduce Ecobricks to the city of Jogja.


The technique of packing one’s plastic waste into a bottle has spread to over a thousand neighborhood units in the city.  An additional 5000 more ecobricks are estimated to have been made unofficially by Jogjan’s in their homes.  At the official unveiling on June 3rd, Russell, Ani and 18  Jogja ecobrick trainers will demonstrate chairs, stools, tables and a 3 meter Tugu tower made from ecobrick lego modules.  The Ecobrick installation will also be on display started from June 4th at the Malioboro Art Fair / Festival Apeman.
According to Russell Maier, a principal leader in the global ecobrick movement, “Jogja is the first city in the world to make ecobricking an official municipal strategy.”  He adds “Ecobricks isn’t waste management, its a way to get to the root of the cities plastic challenge before waste even happens”.

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For the last three years, Ibu Bakhriah Sofiatun has bought the silver wrapper plastic from her neighbours. She knew if she didn’t, it would be dumped in the Aire Putih river. “I have over 40kgs of plastic in sacks in my house. I didn’t know what to do with it. Now I do”. Sofi is not only ecobricking all this plastic, but also teaching her neighbours what to do with theirs.

Pada tanggal 3 Juni 2016, di Taman Gajah Wong Educational Park, Umbulharjo Yogyakarta, 2385 ecobricks yang dibuat dari sampah plastik yang sudah berubah bentuk akan dipresentasikan sebagai tempat duduk, mabelair, dan balok bangunan yang bisa dibongkar pasang. Dalam dua bulan terakhir, pasangan Russell Maier and Ani Himawati telah bekerja bersama Badan Lingkungan Hidup (BLH) Kota Yogyakarta, dan 405 bank sampah anggota Jejaring Pengelola Sampah Mandiri (JPSM) Kota Jogja, memperkenalkan Ecobricks ke warga Jogja.

Teknik mengepak sampah plastik di dalam botol plastik sudah menyebar di lebih seribu RT. Tambahan 5000an ecobricks diperkirakan sudah dibuat oleh warga dan disimpan sendiri di masing-masing rumah tangga – di luar workshop resmi program BLH. Di ‘pertunjukan’ resmi pada tanggal 3 Juni nanti, Russell dan Ani dan 18 trainer Ecobricks akan mendemonstrasikan bangku, dingklik, meja, dan TUGU setinggi 3m dari module lego ecobricks. Instalasi Ecobricks juga akan dipamerkan di Festival Apeman, di Jalan Malioboro, dari tanggal 4 Juni 2016.
Menurut Russell Maier, salah satu pemimpin utama gerakan ecobrick dunia, “Jogja adalah kota pertama di dunia yang secara formal mengadopsi ecobricking sebagai strategi pemerintah untuk mengatasi persoalan plastik di kota.”

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