About Us


Assist the spread of Ecobricking locally and globally to keep our plastic and C02 out of the biosphere.


A world where plastic is put to proper use and we have once and for all transitioned from waste, trash, and pollution.

Ecobricks.org is the home of the Global Ecobrick Alliance (GEA).  We’re a collective of ecobrick leaders from around the world united in the vision of seeing an end to “trash.”  All of us pack ecobricks in our homes. Many of us have worked hard to build this site and the resources you find here.

Ecobricks.org and the GEA are not NGOs.  We’re not affiliated with any corporations, government or institutions.  We’re a 100% people-powered movement.  Every element of the movement, from this site’s software, to our server, to our guide books, to our movies, are the contributions of the alliance!  This incredible base of pure passion enables us to seed grassroots action far faster and smoother than Bill Gates could ever imagine.  Through this site, our awesome free resources, and our training seminars, we disseminate ecobricks locally and globally.

Our core team is located around the world.  We are currently using a Google Group, hosted by Global Ecovillage Network of Oceania and Asia, for dialogue and innovation.  Feel free to join us and our discussions!

We’re pretty busy, but feel free to drop us a line and connect.  Members of the ecobrick core team are available to consult on ecobricks applications and to lead Training of Trainer seminars around the world.

Moi Ecobricks Square portrait

Russell Maier

Ecobricks.org principal, co-founder, ecobrick designer, builder, and mobilizer
Region:  South East Asia
Languages:  English, Spanish, French, German, Kankanue, Indonesian
Based:  Bali, Indonesia
Sites: www.russs.net
Contact:  www.facebook.com/russs.net

Russell Maier, is a principal of the GEA and one of the lead authors of the Vision Ecobricks Guide. The VEB Guide was first made for schools in his area of the Northern Philippines.  It is now part of the curriculum in 8000+ schools in the Philippines. Russell has overseen the construction of hundreds of ecobrick playgrounds, gardens and buildings.  In his home every piece of plastic is ecobricked to make the chairs and tables.  Russell loves getting communities and networks fired up with ecobricks as a solution to their plastic.  His favorite thing in the world is to visit a few months later, see the difference and help build something cool.

Russell is available in Indonesia and internationally as an ecobrick consultant, lecturer and catalyst.



Jo Stodgel

GEA co-founder, ecobrick designer, builder, and evangelist
Region:  America
Languages:  English, Spanish
Based:  Santa Fe, New Mexico
Sites: Ecobrick.it
Contact:  https://www.facebook.com/spoke.of.source

My name is Jo Stodgel and I am the activating co-founder of the Ecobrick Alliance. I am also the founder of the Trash to Treasure Festivals, an initiative of the Greyton Transition Town Network in South Africa, and the director of Upcycle Santa Fe LLC, a plastics upcycling and educational organization here in New Mexico, and one of the only ecobrick projects in the USA.


Nicola Peel

Solutionologist, Environmentalist, Ecobrick campaigner
Region:  South America
Languages:  English, Spanish
Based:  Sussex , England
Sites: www.eyesofgaia.com

In 2003 in Lake Atitalan Guatemala I first discovered a wall built from ecobricks.  I was so inspired by such a practical solution I went on to show people around the world how to clean up their villages and work with ecobricks.  I have built benches in Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala and England, an eco-restaurant built with 3200 ecobricks in the Ecuadorean Amazon and inspired the building of other works around the world, including a health centre and school in Cambodia, walls in Australia and Ecuador and others.

I continue to give presentations internationally with the talk entitled ‘Positive Solutions Around the World’. One of the solutions I work with is ecobricks and many people have heard my talks and gone on to spread the word. I have also written articles in various magazines and given interviews.

Candice Mostert:

Candice Mostert, cofounder, is a photographer who has helped the Greyton Transition Town with their ecobrick programs for the last three years. In the last year, she has directed waste management and upcycling programs for Greenpop’s Festival of Action in Livingstone, Zambia.

Ian George Dommisse

South Africa, architect, presenter, ecobrick designer, builder, and evangelist

Ian is an architect and founder of the Ecobrick Exchange in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Together with the Workplace Architects he has devised some innovative ways to utilize ecobricks in construction.


ANi in action

Ani Himawati

Ecobrick trainer, trainer of trainer
Region:  South East Asia
Languages:  English, Javanese, Indonesian
Based:  Bali, Indonesia
Contact:  https://www.facebook.com/ani.himawati
Ani is an Indonesian anthropologist who has worked to empower
communities around the country, in cities, towns and remote villages. Working at the grass roots level, NGOs, and international aid agencies like UN and the World Bank, she was involved in the CDD (community driven development) program that empower communities to plan, manage, build, monitor and supervise their own projects. Ani has led numerous ToTs that have then gone on to mobilize communities and local governments for transformative social movements. She sees the ecobrick as a friendly language, a vehicle, a medium as well as a strategic solution to meet and move together with people from any background.