How to Make Ecobricks

Our new 1 minute movie introduces to anyone anywhere how to make an Ecobrick.  Ecobrick making is simple, but there are important guidelines.  Start right— this is a long-term lifestyle habit that you, your student and school are beginning. For more detailed instructions, you can learn more here >>


A big thanks to Elena Molchanova for crafting the animated sequence and Rob for the audio work.



Ecobricks Can Make Anything

You can make just about anything with Ecobricks– as seen here at our pilot school in Abiensmal, Bali, Indonesia.  But first, you have to turn them into modules!  After creating two thousand individual ecobricks, we used silicone sealant to connect the ecobricks into modules.  These modules can be arranged in all sorts of ways to make durable and tremendously practical indoor furniture. Modules can be used individually as seats or combined like LEGO to create tables, beds, benches and more.

This little movie has the potential to inspire teachers and students all over to embark on their own journey of trash-transformation.    It will be a big help as we move to share ecobricking with neighbouring Indonesian schools.

Learn more about Ecobrick module making >>

A big thanks to Ibu Manis and all the students of SMPN Abiensmal school for making the ecobricks, to Pak Noest and Pak Munir and his class for his help making the modules.  To  Nicolas Millet​ for filming and editing, Elena Molchanova​ for the intro and end animations, assistants Sadie Preval​ and  Kusumorini Susanto​.


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Dramatic Success with Ecobrick Pilot School in Bali

Ibu Manis
Ibu Manis inspects her students Ecobricks.

Tremendous news from SMPN 3 Abiensmal Public School here in Bali. This is science teacher Ibu Manis– a modern day environmental hero!  She has mobilized her entire school of 1600 students to go dramatically zero waste– and folks, this is in Bali, Indonesia, where there is so much consumption that you would think it couldn’t be done.

I met Ibu Manis back in May in a room full of sceptical and busy teachers.  Somehow we connected immediately.  She wanted to hear everything about Ecobricks: “Why didn’t we think of this before!”  Her class was fascinated by what Filipino students have been doing with Ecobricks.   Together, the class and I made 30 ecobricks on Earth Day.  I was able to inspect each one and give them detailed feedback. They promised to continue… and well… WOW.

Abiensmal students making their frist Ecobricks back in May.  According to one student: “I make an ecobrick every week.  I get my family to save plastic from the house.  I pick up loose plastic when I see it on the road.”

The school has 900 large 1.5 L Aqua bottles complete and 1400 small 600ml Aqua bottles complete.  The quality also happens to be superb– with colors on the bottoms of all the bricks.

The fun part begins now– making something awesome with them to show case just what can be done.  Already, I have a visionary local architect and a bold building manager who have committed to using Ecobricks in pilot constructions.  The key now is to show Bali how these ecobricks can be used locally.  But in addition, the school is excited to move forward with their own construction:  furniture and Food Forest Play Park.

Ibu Manis and Paq Joest
Ibu Manis and fellow teach Joest Adie stand with their schools thousands of ecobricks.

Most exciting of all is what this represents.  This isn’t just two thousand ecobricks.  This is two thousand ecobricks made in an average Indonesian Public School. This means: Imminent replicability.

If one teacher at one Balinese public school can mobilize the entire student body to go zero waste in one month, then other teachers, other schools, can follow suit.

Our small team has worked super hard the last few months to lay the ground work for just this.  Our Vision Ecobrick Guide is ready in Bahasa Indonesia. This is how Ecobrocks spread in the Philippines to thousands of schools– with the lead of one of two passionate teachers like Ibu Manis sparking the fire.   The hardest part is always getting started when no one else is doing it!

Onwards with the trash transformation.  If you happen to be in Bali, we are looking for help with logistics, fundraising, permaculture to craft the first pilot constructions and food forest play parks.  Builders interested in using ecobricks in their green constructions can contact us too.