Small Bottles Make Ecobricks Too



2014-02-26 15.30.31Small PET plastic bottles also make Ecobricks!  Here we are adding small C2 bottles to  a bench in Balili.   We have learned from experience that is it essential not to limit Ecobricking to one type of bottle.  As Ecobricking takes off in a community plastic bottles are quickly used up in brick production.

In our early pilots, we emphasized only the ecobricking of 1.5L soda bottles– which teachers later observed lead to an increase in soda consumtion in the community as the supply of bottles was reduced.  Kids had the excuse ‘Mum, I need some Coke so I can finish my project!”.  Ack!  Our mistake!  :-S

Avoiding this is simple.    Encourage all available plastic bottles indiscriminately to be used for Ecobricking.  This has now bypassed the problem, as there is yet a large surplus of plastic bottles  (net holding volume) to pastic waste (net compressed volume).  If anyone wants to do a master thesis, traking these two variables as Ecobricks unfold in a community would be super duper helpful and interesting!


Ecobricks set to sweep the Northern Philippines

2.1 previewGreat news for the planet! We have the full support of the DePed Cordillera District Superintendent for Ecobricks! She wants to push ahead ASAP with the printing of the Vision Ecobrick Guide for distribution to thousands of schools in the Northern Philippines. . . Simultaneously! This is key for acheiving long term community ecobricking and the longterm transmutation of the ‘problem’ (i.e. Its an opportunity!). She was blown away by the quality of our guide and the depth of the resource. She asked me three times “You really arent charging us for this? Its free?” A big congratulations to the hardwork of our small team and the perseverance of our pilot schools who have been bravely going it alone for so long.

A multiple province Ecobrick Challenge will be issued in the coming weeks with the distribution of the guide– with prizes for schools! For those schools that have already started, this will be your chance to shine (although you will have to make a new project without me!)

Soon tens of thousands of students will be empowered to take the care of their environment. They will set the path for their parents and community.

P.S Another key to acheiving viral success will be media coverage. In the village of Balili all the trash has disapeared. Imagine that we will acheiving this in a city like Baguio! If you have any Philipino media contacts let them know about this unfolding phenomenon so they can assist with the manifestation. We will want to get coverage in 1-2 weeks when the VEB Guide goes out.


The new version 2.1 is now prepared for regional printing.  It is downloadable here.


True Colors


2014-02-14 12.36.27Who says a small village in the mountains can’t enjoy the beauty of stained glass?  Well, its not exactly stained glass… gin bottles, food coloring and water/vinegar!  Imagine now the garden in full verdent bloom with vines are flowers climbing about in a luminous green and rainbow ambience!




2014-02-14 12.38.47


2014-02-14 12.36.55