The Solution to Plastic is Here...

It's as Simple as Packing a Bottle with Plastic...

To make a building block that can be used over and over...

Ecobricks can make Lego Modules...

Ecobricks can build structures...

Ecobricks can make Green Community Spaces...

So that we can get back to living in Harmony with the Ecosystems around us.

When we save, segregate and pack plastics into bottles, we can make building blocks that can be reused over and over again. Together we can build green spaces that enrich our community and the biosphere.  Together we can return to harmony with the cycles of life.

What is an Ecobrick?

Ibu Sofi | Jogja, Indonesia

Ibu Sofi couldn’t bear to throw away her plastic and have it dumped in the local river, so she saved it for three years. Then she met the Ecobrick… and she has been packing ever since!  Ibu Sofi has gone on to teach hundreds of folks in her city how to go zero waste!
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An Ecobrick is a plastic bottle packed solid with non-biological waste to make a re-useable building block.  Best of all, you don’t need any fancy machines, special skills, engineers or even politicians to get started. 

Also know as Eco Bricks, Eco-Bricks, Ecolladrillos, and bottle bricks, Wikipedia gives it the single, un-hyphenated word: Ecobricks.

Build Amazing Things with Ecobricks

Manung Jane | Besao, Philippines

Every morning, Jane goes around town collecting plastics from the local stores.  Every day she makes one Ecobrick.  Slow and steady, she rebuilt her old walls with bottles and ecobricks.  Now, people come from all over now to see her home!
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You can build just about anything from Ecobricks.  Around the world people are innovating everything from gardens, to tables, chairs, walls and more with Ecobricks.  Your imagination is the limit!  Here on you can find a showcase and guide to all the most established bottle building methods.


Ecobricking is a Deep Solution for Plastic

Jo Stodgel | Santa Fe, USA

“In America, we might have lots of recycling, but that doesn’t mean the plastic goes away.”  Jo came face to face with the reality of plastic’s poison and potential in the dumps of Africa.  He has thus been passionately ecobricking for the last 5 years.  Read Jo’s full story…

Ecobricks sequester CO2, keep plastic out of the biosphere and out of the industrial recycling system.   Ecobricking unites communities and raises ecological consciousness.  Best of it all, Ecobricking let’s you take personal responsibility for your plastic.  After lots of research and experiments we’ve found Ecobricks to be the deepest solution for our own plastic.

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Pak Agung | Bali, Indonesia

Pak Agung has been going around his island of Bali, for the last two years, talking with schools and mayors about the perils of plastic.  Then he gives them the Vision Ecobrick Guide, and shows them how to put the plastic to good use.  Read Pak Agung’s Full Story

Our team has worked hard to craft our series of Vision Ecobrick Guidebooks to help you and your community get started ecobrickin… right.  The guides are free, open source, and designed to be photocopied and shared.  Ideal for Ecobrick begininers, teachers and community leaders.  Available in half a dozen languages. Signup to access and download.


Our 2017 Indonesian Ecobrick Earth Heroes

Shanti Wurdiani Ramadhani / Jombang

Mp / Situ Gintung