When plastics are littered, burned or dumped, they poison the Earth, Air, and Water. When we save, segregate and pack plastics into bottles, we can make building blocks that can be reused over and over again. Together we can build green spaces that enrich our community and environment.

Ecobricks in 2.5 minutes

See Ecobricks in Filipino action in this super-short, yet decidedly-deep video that covers the essential core-concepts of Ecobricking.

The Power of Visioning

Vision.  Take Action.  Make it Real. The real solution to pollution is thinking different. Vision Ecobricks give us a place to start imagining, taking action, and building our greenest visions.

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Ecobricks are ideal for collaboratively building public green spaces that serve the community. What better than a forest of food park where children can play amongst themselves and with our fellow species?

Vision Ecobrick Guide 3.0 Launched!

We’re excited to release the third version of the Vision Ecobrick Guide in both English and Indonesia this week!  Originally launched four years ago in the Northern Philippines, the VEB Guide has come a long way.  This latest version has been revamped from top to bottom to help Ecobrickers around the world train others to […]

June 3rd: Ecobrick Grand Unveiling Event in Jogja

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On June 3rd, at the Yogyakarta City Hall, partners Russell Maier & Ani Himawati, the Yogya Environment Agency (YEA), and 463 Bank Sampah community groups, will unveil 5 metric tons of transformed plastic waste. For the last two months, Russell and Ani have worked with the YEA to introduce Ecobricks to the city of Jogja. […]

5 Tons and Counting!

plastic packed in Jogja

5000 Kilograms of Ecobricks Packed So Far Its been an amazing last few months in Jogja.  Since January, Ecobricks have spread like wild-fire from SLB Negeri 1 Bantul (special needs school) to every single neighbourhood in the city.  Since April, our team of 18 trainers went out to led over 500 workshops with Jogja Bank […]

Ibu Sofi: Saving the plastic from the river

In the city of Jogjakarta, Indonesia, where ecobricking is taking off, we’ve met many women leaders who have been stockpiling their plastic for years. After learning of the dangers of plastic in a workshop four years ago, Ibu Bakhriah Sofiatun insisted on buying the silver wrapper plastic from her neighbours.  If she hadn’t, she knew […]

Ecobricks.org and TrashHero announce Team Up!

trashhero collaboration

We’re super excited to announce that TrashHero and Ecobricks.org are partnering up! TrashHero is a movement of folks around South East Asia to pick up trash off the beaches.  Ecobricks is a movement of people in South East Asia transforming trash into useful plastic ecobricks.  See a connection? So did we! After all, we all […]

Get the Vision Ecobrick Guide

The Open Source VEB Guide was crafted by a team of volunteers to empower schools to transfer pollution into a community solution. Get started today-- no money, tools, equipment or politicians needed!

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